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Does a Blu Cigarette Have Nicotine?

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Does a Blu Cigarette Have Nicotine?

Blu Cigarette is an electronic cigarettes brand, manufactured by Fontem Ventures and also owned by Imperial Brands. The business is dedicated to bringing you the best electronic cigarettes on the planet, both for the consumer and the businessman. The business has four different categories, which include the Vapors, Envirolets, Smaxamines and the blu vaporizer.

The main focus of Blu Cigarettes is on providing the customer with electronic cigarettes that help people give up smoking without harming their body physically or mentally. They have come up with several innovative concepts and products in this category. The cigarettes are made from the best possible quality tobacco leaves and are flavoured using exotic herbal ingredients. The brand also means that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals that can cause harm to the person puffing on the cigarette.

They also provide the smoker with two kinds of refill cartridges – the Blue cartridge and the Gold one. The former contains Nicorette, a type of Nicotene, as the latter is filled with Gold. The product also features a special feature wherein the nicotine level of the cigarette can be adjusted according to one’s wish. That is done through pressing a button that releases nicotine in to the air.

The user of the cigarette will feel a tingling sensation in his fingers and palms. This will then motivate him to puff a smoke. However, it is only once one packs a cigarette in the electronic cigarettes that he or she reaches experience a cool smoke filled up with artificial sweetness. The artificial sweetener helps to mask the bitter taste of nicotine, which escalates the popularity of the cigarette among smokers. According to estimates, approximately 23 million American residents use these electric cigarettes to get a cool smoke.

Blu Cigarettes is incredibly cheap in comparison to other brands of electric cigarettes available in the market. Thus, it makes it easier for them to grab a pack and start smoking. Moreover, they are able to also be recharged time and again without having to pay a heavy cost.

However, the users of these cigarettes should be careful as they are more prone to face a bad effect if they take them more regularly than advised. For one, they are highly addictive. After they are smoked, their users have the tendency to crave for them even during the hours when they are free from cigarettes. This is because nicotine within these cigarettes gives a quite strong kick in your body that stimulates the brain to produce a surge of dopamine that heightens the feeling of pleasure in the person.

These cigarettes, though, usually do not make one physically dependent on nicotine. However, the increase in dopamine in the brain can lead to mental addiction over time. Most cigarette smokers have problems with depression due to their constant smoking. The usage of artificial sweeteners also reduces the effect of nicotine, making it even more addictive.

Apart from all the health issues, addititionally there is the social stigma mounted on using these cigarettes. Many non-smokers think it is hard to smoke as the smokers avoid vapinger meeting people who do. Thus, the social impact of the product makes quitting even harder.

Lots of people have reported that though the symptoms of withdrawal act like those experienced when trying to quit using other methods, it generally does not have the same level of intensity. There is no denying that nicotine includes a very high addictive level nonetheless it is worth pointing out that chemical can be found in only a very small quantity of the products which are consumed. Therefore, the chances of getting addicted have become slim.

Withdrawal can be mild. Most people feel mild effects after just a couple days of stopping the usage of these cigarettes. They experience cravings plus they get withdrawal symptoms similar to that of the onset of nicotine withdrawals. There are lots of forums where people discuss the withdrawal symptoms they have encountered and the ways by which they were able to overcome them.

Using nicotine replacement therapy can help people get over their addiction with ease. There are lots of products in the market which will help you stop your smoking habit. However, there is no medication that can provide an instant fix. Therefore it takes time for your body to adjust to devoid of the nicotine circulating in your bloodstream.

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